Cowboy Boot

May 9, 2009

"Stitching and Tacks"

Here I have used a pounce wheel to add stitch marks around the soles. I used a nail set to simulate tacks in the heel.

"Wrinkles In The Leather"

Here I have made randum cuts with an gouge and them I use a "V-tool" to make a cut up the middle of each gouge. I just put these marks where I think a wrinkle might be in an old boot.

"Finished Sanding"

Here I have finished with the carving and have again sanded the boot all other with fine sandpaper. This also gives a good view of the stitch marks that I added to the upper part of the boot at all the seams.


Here I have added my signature and some other wording. Most of the time I just use my initials, "MRL". After adding that I give the boot several coats of laquer. It can be sprayed or applied with a brush sanding lightly between each coat except for the last two coats.

"The Completed Carving"

Here is the completed carving.

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Article written by:
Mike Lawrence
May 4 - 9, 2009